Swedish Military Mora Knife Review

January 31, 2014


If you are a passionate of camping, hunting or any other thing that is related in a way or another with the nature you must have in your inventory the newest and the finest model of Swedish military Mora knife. This item is not for novices. If you don’t know how to handle a sharp knife, then stay away from it so you don’t get hurt. This model of knife is following the model of the Standard Mora Clipper Knife, but way much improved. You will undoubtedly love this item as it is extremely light and very easy to handle. There are lots of models of knifes on the market, but this one is definitely outstanding though its quality and price. The quality of this item is unbeatable. Once you will hold this item into your hands you will see how different it is from other common knife. This knife is not only good looking but it is also incredible well-constructed.

Characteristics of Swedish Military Mora Knifes  

As it was mentioned above, this knife is an improved model of the standard Mora clipper knife. This means that this knife is much better than the older version, whit different features that make it outstanding.

  • It has a blade of 7/8”military2
  • The blade is made from carbon steel
  • It has a black rubber handle with green composition trim
  • It has a Green Molded Sheath with drain hole
  • It is sharp
  • It is swift and silent


This item is not for playing. You can easily get cut if you use it without paying attention to its 8” carbon steel blade, which is extremely sharp. Also, the knife has a weight of 4 ounces, which means that is extremely light and you can easily drop it without figuring it out. However, the black rubber handle is meant to keep it from slipping easily, so you can be at safe. This item has many fans amid those that are passionate of these items. If you will ever want to buy such an item, this model should be on your list. You can use this knife to cut almost everything. Whether you are planning to go camping or you need it to cut different things when making order around the house, this item will be of a great help. You will see how capable is to cut carpets, wood, and many other things. Usually, this knife can be purchased at the package with a plastic scabbard that can be easily putted at your hip. In this way, you will always have it at handy.


Is the Swedish Military Mora Knifes affordable as price?

This knife is one of the cheapest ones from the market. Indeed, it is difficult to believe that such an excellent and highly qualitative knife can be purchased at such a low price. On different stores and online shops you can purchase this knife for an approximate price of $16. It is an excellent investment because the knife is very durable and you will see that even after cutting several tough things it will still be sharp. During months you will only have to sharp it a couple of times. Its strength it is due to the innovative carbon steel blade, which makes it extremely resistant. All those who are dealing with remodeling of the house or they like nature, to go in camping and so on should have one of these amazing Swedish Military Mora Knifes at handy. They will prove to be extremely useful and you will get a great help from them when you will need. These light and sharp knifes will undoubtedly be on anyone’s tastes.

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Morakniv Craftline HighQ Allround Fixed Blade Utility Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade and Combi-Sheath

December 26, 2013

Here’s another quality product from Mora of Sweden – the Craftline HighQ Allround. This knife is a high end utility knife that serves all construction and DIY purposes remarkably well. Despite of simplicity in its design, the knife has been regarded as a top quality knife by its users and has also been recommended time and over again for its high performance. Professionals from all over the world have great faith on these knives – they are reliable, elegantly designed and remarkably cheap. This knife is made up of high quality Sandvik steel. The property of this type of steel is that these are made up of finest quality of carbides that result into an extremely hard kind of product which is resistant to any kind of mechanical or environmental damage.

Product Description

Let’s have a glance on the key features of this product:-knife-3

  • The knife has a grey colored rubber handle with a blue colored trim.
  • The rubber handle is ergonomically designed and possess a good gripping system which serves various construction purposes.
  • The thickness of the blade is 2.00mm.
  • The length of the blade is 97mm.
  • The total length of the knife is 213mm.
  • The knife is very light-weighted. The overall weight of the knife is 0.1140 kg (without the sheath).
  • Blades are made of superior quality of stainless steel with Sandvik technology which is hardened to 59-60 RC resulting into ultra-fine carbides.
  • The blade is fixed blade type.
  • The code of the item is 11672.
  • The product comes with a combo-sheath which can be used to put two knives in one sheath easily.
  • The knife also has a drain hole at the base.
  • There’s also a clipper that can be tucked onto your belt securely.



The blades are made up of Stainless steel and hence it is corrosion/rust free. You need not take any special care for keeping the blades in shape. They are sharp for a very long period of time and can be re-sharpened very easily. The sheath is made up of plastic, however the distinguishing factor of this sheath is that it is having twin pocket in which you can put two knives at a time and carry it easily. You can tuck the sheath onto your belt and carry away two knives at a time!

Mora of Sweden also gives a one year manufacturer’s warranty, so that you can get the knife repaired and sharpened any time you want (although it may not be required at such an early stage – such is their perfection!).

The rubber handle is double molded and hence provides good gripping and avoids slipping. The knife is made up of ultra-fine carbides instead of regular sized products which results into razor sharp edges giving excellent cutting performance. Perhaps no knife in this world is better than Mora knives – yet at the cheapest rate possible.


Although the sheath has the feature of twin pockets, it suffers the regular drawback of being poor in quality as it is made up of fused plastic material which is prone to wear and tear with excessive use. Be cautioned while handling the blades as they are razor sharp and slight mishandling can cause hurt and deep cuts. Only if it would have been having a leather sheath, the knife would have perhaps suffered from zero drawbacks.


From Where To Buy

You can buy the knife from different registered retailers, listed at www.moraofsweden.se. You can also buy this product online from various sites such as:-




Amazon also provides certain combo offers of this product with other knives from Mora at a reduced cost.

What Will Be The Cost?

The knife will cost you around $14.99 to $19 depending upon different retailers and online sites. Some online sites do offer certain discounts, however they do levy on you shipping charges which varies according to the place where you want it to be delivered.

Mora Knives bush craft


The knife has been regarded as a high quality and performance knife. The Craftline High Q All Round knife can do all type of work very efficiently – starting from cutting of vegetables and fruits or to be used as a means of heavy utility work like construction, fishing and hunting purposes. A highly recommended knife, this all-rounder gets an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.

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Mora Erik Frost 120 Woodcarving Knife

July 27, 2013

The woodcarving knives from Mora Erik Frost are a range of classic and elegant knives. The traditional Scandinavian knife is a popular choice amongst wood carvers and carpenters. Beautiful designs can be carved out with the help of these knives in a very effortless manner. A beautiful example of this is Sweden’s national symbol – the Dala Horse, which is carved using Mora Erik Frost Woodcarving knife. The knife is recognized since Mora of Sweden came into existence, that is about 300 years back, and it is an amazing and effective knife with a wonderful finish.

Mora Erik Frost

Key Features

Mora Erik Frost 120 Woodcarving knife has a sharp edge with tapered blade made up of laminated steel. The laminated steel is hardened by using a core of 61- 62 Rockwell and softer mild edge on the either side that holds the core firmly. The handle is made up of Birchwood that is oiled to ensure better gripping and has a wooden finish that allows the knife to look classic. It comes with a plastic sheath made up of plastic polymer to keep the knife safe. The woodcarving knife is extremely thin so as to perform its function for which it was made. The thickness of the blade is 2.7mm, length of the blade is 60mm, the total length of the knife is, that is, blade plus handle is 169mm and the weight of the knife is 0.0690 kg.

Mora Erik Frost

Mora Erik Frost

Pros of Mora Erik Frost 120 Woodcarving knife

·         Made of laminated sheet, that is, one of the best steels available in the market.

·         Geometry of the blade is unique – tapered blade style.

·         Can be used over large spaces as well as in tight areas.

·         Have an eye catching classic look.

·         While purchasing the knife you need to ensure that you are above 18 years, so as to promote safety amidst its buyers.

·         Knife is razor sharp.

·         Maintenance free.

·         The steel blade doesn’t rusts and can be easily re-sharpened.

·         Extremely portable and inexpensive knife.

·         Easily fits in small as well as in large hands.

Mora Erik Frost

Cons of Mora Erik Frost 120 Woodcarving knife

·         Sheath that is provided with the knife is not of good quality.

·         Handles without guards.

·         Needs to be used very carefully because of its extremely sharp blades.


Mora has been constructing better and better knives year by year. But this classic one is truly outstanding in its performance and the best and the most popular choice among wood crafters. Moreover, nowhere in the market you would find a better knife than Mora Erik Frost 120 for woodcarving purposes at such a cheap rate. Woodcarving knives are available in the market from other brands that costs you no less than $100. But you will be shocked to know that Mora of Sweden gives you this knife at a price of around $25 only. It’s an amazing deal for an amazing knife. Every user gives a 5 on 5 for this awesome woodcarving knife but what rating would give it? Well, you can only do that if you go and get this knife.

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Mora Eric Frost 164 Woodcarving Hook Knife

July 27, 2013

Another awesome range of knives brought to you by Mora of Sweden. Way apart from others, this knife has a very unique geometry, giving it a hook appearance. This hook knife is put to use for carving out spoons. Beautiful wooden spoons can be carved out with the help of Mora Eric Frost 164 Woodcarving Hook Knife. Apart from spoons this knife can also be used to carve out and do fine detailing on wooden bowls, plates and glasses.

Mora Eric Frost

Key Features

The hook knife is single edged with hook like ending. The steel is made up of Carbon and hence appears dull in its luster. The handle looks very classy and is made up from oiled Birchwood. The knife comes without a plastic or rubber sheath. The thickness of the blade is 2.5mm, the length of blade is 50 mm, whereas the total length of the knife is 159 mm, the weight of Mora Eric Frost 164 Woodcarving hook knife is 0.0590 kg. The knife has an inner radius of 12mm.

Pros of Mora Eric Frost 164 Woodcarving hook knife are:-

·         Unique knife for carving spoons.

·         Fun to use.

·         High quality carbon steel with razor sharp blades.

·         Unfinished yet nice handle.

·         Can be easily re-sharpened.

·         Fits into the hand perfectly.

·         Durable and easy maintenance.

·         Simple to use and great designs can be carved out easily, can be used by everyone.

Mora Eric Frost

Mora Eric Frost

Cons of Mora Eric Frost 164 Woodcarving hook knife are:-

·         The blades may rust if it comes in contact with moisture.

·         Comes without a plastic sheath and hence difficult in handling and keeping.

·         It first appears dull, it is necessary to re-sharpen the knife before use.

·         You will observe occasional stropping.

·         Moderately sharp.

·         Cannot be worked on dry wood.

·         Needs to be honed (may cost you more while spending on honing material).

·         Needs to be sharpened time and again.

Mora Eric Frost


Mora of Sweden has always been known for its awesome products.  Despite of uniqueness of this product it comes with a little bit more weightage of its Cons than Pros. This gives Mora Eric Frost 164 Woodcarving hook knife a 4 out of 5 star rating among its users. The knife doesn’t come with a rubber or plastic sheath and hence you need to keep it in thick foam to cover it up and keep it safely. The fact that this knife needs to be sharpened again and again – is where Mora gets beaten up by its competitors for this particular product. Because of the cost of honing and sharpening that it requires time to time one may feel it is better to buy another knife of the same type even if it costs a few bucks more.

But, despite of flaws in this knife many people have bought it and are still giving positive reviews for this product. One cannot deny that Mora of Sweden cannot be ever beaten up by any of its competitors because of its good quality and cheap price. That being said, we rest the case of this knife in front of you and it’s up to whether you would like to give it a try or not.

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Mora Frost Knives

July 21, 2013

[easyazon-image align="left" asin="B000HAOTB4" locale="us" height="250" src="http://moraknives.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Mora-Frost-Knives-d1.jpg" width="430"]Mora knives were made originally by the local craftsman and the art of making these knives went down from generation to generation. Mora of Sweden merged with Frost Knivfabrik in the year 2005 and started producing a range of knives for kitchen use and for food making purposes. The frost ranges of Mora knives are crafted uniquely to meet the requirement of the kitchen and for general use. These are a choice for most of the professional cooks because of its sharp edge and high quality which makes it easy and a hassle free approach for chopping, trimming or making slices of vegetables, meat, fish and other food items.   [easyazon-image align="center" asin="B00343VCCK" locale="us" height="537" src="http://moraknives.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Mora-Frost-Knives-hook1.jpg" width="736"]Ranges of Mora Frost Knives The Mora frost knives are exclusively made out of the stainless steel with unique materials used for the construction of the handle. The handle can be made of rubber, P- Grip type (or Polypropylene with rough structure), Pro-grip, plastic handle, Uni-grip (Polyamide, micro blasted structure, G Grip or Ergonomic grip, each with a special purpose. Some Mora Frost knives are also provided with a guard – concerning safety. Different types of Mora Frost knives include those used for making food such as knives having curved boning, straight boning, for making filet out of flesh and used by butchers, for fishing, trimming and by cooks. Curved boning knife are used for cutting beef and fish and also used for gaming, Filet knives are used for cutting extremely thin slices flesh and Stiff blades are used for trimming purposes.  All Mora Frost knives are made of cold rolled stainless steel which is hardened by deep refrigeration (approximately around -80°C) and this is from where the knives derive its name actually apart from the name of its maker.   [easyazon-image align="center" asin="B004GATX62" locale="us" height="474" src="http://moraknives.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Mora-Frost-Knives-erik-more1.jpg" width="500"]From where to buy Mora Frost Knives Mora frost knives are one of the classics for your kitchen. You would never regret ever after choosing these knives as it would be your kitchen friend for your full life. Mora sells its knives to its distributors and you can buy from the latter. Apart from normal vendors for these knives, the sites from where you can Buy Mora Frost knives are Amazon, Ebay, Smoky Mountain knife works etc…       Popular products of Mora frost knives Few of the most popular Mora Frost knives are:

  • Frost C 223 – It is a big knife used for butchering big animals. It is a general camp knife for butchering, making food and for building shelters in camp. It is a tough knife and the knife is having a handle which allows holding the knife with strong grip.
  • karl-johan-mushroom-knifeKarl – Johan Mushroom Knife – Knife for mushroom cultivation. Comes with a pistol grip handle and adequate sharpness of the knife for adequate cultivation of mushrooms makes it a popular choice in the mushroom industry.
  • Classic Mora knives – One of the most popular knives used for all general purposes. The knife is a classic having a wooden handle with a stainless steel body. It is one of the basic knives that costs around $12 and is a highly recommended one.
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